Urban Farmer GRP

Urban Farmer GRP is Government approved and have licence for full service livestock export, import  to assist consumers and producers throughout  in finding quality livestock.

Urban Farmer GRP source animals from farms and producers who practice stringent health programs that insure the well being of their animals through the use of vaccines and health management practices. By cooperating with these farms, Trinity Farm has access to their inventories allowing us to purchase in volume for our clients.

We export and import varieties of livestock products and livestock supplies

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Our Livestock products

Our best-selling livestock product list


Bonsmara Cattle​ – Brahman Cattle​ – Nguni Cattle​ – Boer Goat​Dorper Sheep​ – Aberdeen Angus​ – Calves​ – Simmental Cattle​ – Purebred Simmental Heifers​ – Beef cattle ​ – Holstein Friesian Cattle​ – Heifers​ – Cows​Jersey cattle​ – live animal​ – Beefmaster cows ​ – Master bull ​ – Angus Hereford Jersey​ – Boran cattle​ – Braford cattle​ – Brahman bull​ – Pregnant cows​ – Pregnant Heifers​ – Brangus bulls​ – Dairy Cows ​ – Bulls​ – Pregnant Cattle​ – Hereford cattle​ – Purebred Charolais Bulls​ – Dairy Goat​ – Pregnant Goat​ -Young Goats ​ – Boer Goats – Alpine Goat​ – Merino sheep ​ – Pregnant Goats ​ Pregnant sheep ​ – Awassi sheep Alive​ – Hampshire down Rams​ –             Kalahari Red goats​ – Ewe​ – Ram​ – Blackhead Persian sheep​ – Dorset Horn​Nubia goat​