Butter Beans


Butter Beans are large in size and have a soft, floury texture when are cooked

Butter Beans are large in size and have a soft, floury texture when are cooked.


Beans are creamy in color. There are a good source of potassium and also been used in mixed bean salads and wintry stews.


The Butter Beans is also called Lima Beans and also considers as seed and vegetable.


Butter Beans have two varieties, which are Lima and Sieve.


Lima Beans


Lima Beans Variety is a large, flat green and slightly curved bean and in the southern United States is


known as Lima Beans. The Lima variety was cultivated in the Andes and the smaller butter beans


were grown in Mexico. Both styles are cultivated and harvested from seed-pods and of green color


when they are fresh and also comes in orange and red. Because they are picked before they ripen.


Sieve Beans


Sieve Beans Variety is of smaller seeds and mostly known as sieve type while in southern united states’


Cuisine as the mention Butter Beans it means they referring it to the smaller sieve variety.


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