Chandelier Boer Goat Stud


We are successfully farming with Boer Goats in the Klein Karoo Region of the Republic of South Africa. By means of careful selection, we are only using the best breeding stock to produce animals with high survivability, fertility and mothering abilities, calm disposition and adaptability, able to thrive under harsh conditions and with low quality food sometimes inevitable in a semi-desert area. Our goats are very healthy, robust with a medium bone structure and a lot of meat on the carcass.

We select for goats with short white coats on the major part of their bodies, making them more conspicuous and to facilitate the rounding up of goats in dense terrain. A pigmented skin on the hairless parts, e.g. under the tail, around the eyelids and mouth, is absolutely essential, because it offers resistance to sunburn and skin disease. A loose, supple skin is essential for adaptability to climatic conditions and also offers additional resistance to external parasites.

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