Coffee Beans


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Native to the continent of Africa, the coffee bean is actually the seed of the bright red coffee fruit much similar to cherries. It is the green seed that is roasted brown and brewed in order to make coffee. There are four primary kinds of coffee beans · Arabica Coffee · Robusta Coffee · Liberica Coffee · Excelsa Coffee While Arabica and Robusta coffees make up more than 90% of global coffee production, Liberica and Excelsea are extremely rare. Even though Coffee does not belong to the bean family, only the resemblance to beans has prompted its name. Nutritional Value (100 grams) · Calories: 60 · Carbohydrates: 9g o Dietary fiber: 8g o Sugar: 0g · Fat: 2g · Protein: 1 g · Water Content: 10-12% Pros: It is possible to consume roasted coffee beans as a snack which has been linked to numerous health benefits. It gives the body a sudden and stimulating energy boost which is why coffee has retained its position as one of the most-enjoyed beverages. Coffee beans are an excellent source of antioxidants, especially polyphenols. Regular and moderate intake of coffee beans reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes and helps to combat inflammation through its anti-inflammatory properties. The caffeine present in the coffee beans positively impacts the Central Nervous System and improves moods and memories significantly. This caffeine also helps to eliminate a hormone called adenosine that causes tiredness. Coffee beans can also manage brain ailments like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s Disease. Coffee beans are great for boosting metabolism that consequently helps in weight loss. Consuming them can reduce blood pressure of people with high blood-pressure levels, reducing further chances of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. It also has laxative effects that increase bowel movements. Coffee beans are said to possess certain anti-cancer properties that can combat the growth of cancer cells. Certain liver illnesses such as liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis are also reported less by those who indulge in coffee beans. Taken in moderation, coffee beans are an excellent choice to promote overall health along with providing a sense of contentment

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