Dorper Sheep


Dorper Sheep were developed by crossing Dorset Horn Rams and Blackhead Persian Ewes (1950). The Dorper Sheep is a very hardy animal that can live on minimal food. They consume whatever is available. Two types of Dorper sheep, the Black headed Dorper and the White headed Dorper are found in South Africa.

The Dorper is one of the only sheep breeds that is polyoestrus. This means that they are capable of producing young 3 times in 2 years, as opposed to most other breeds that will produce young once per year, usually in late winter/early spring.

Prone to producing twins, they are very protective mothers and if in good condition, they will successfully rear twins with ease. Triplets have also been born from Dorpers, but due to having only two teats, it is rare that the third triplet will thrive.

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