dried canned mango slice


Pure high quality dried mango slices 10 kg/carton in bulk 300 g/bag, 30 bags/carton Or as your wish High quality export bag and carton Delivery Time 5-20 days

Wholesale dried canned mango slice, South Africa organic dried mango

1. Nutrient ingredients: Sugar, protein, fiber, vitamin A, carotene component, vitamin C, minerals

2. Character: Dried lice; Easy to store; Taste good.

4. Functions: Promote blood circulation; Prevent adipose deposit; Eliminate inflammation and edema; Promote metabolism; Eliminate fatigue; Prevent bronchitis.

5. Class: AAA High-class

6. Packing: 10kg/Carton or as you like

7. Storage: In cool and dried place

8. Shelf life: 365 days

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