Dry Red Chilies


Dry red chillies are used as a special condiment in several cuisines, especially Indian and Mexicans use them abundantly. Red Chillies usually grow well in hotter climates. These chillies are harvested as they transform from green into red and then dried and dehydrated. These bright red chillies are typically used as spices in various forms such as dried or powdered. The spiciness is drastically increased after the dehydration process due to lower water concentration. Nutritional Value (per 100 gram) · Energy: 366 kcal · Carbohydrate: 33 g · Fat: 16 g · Protein:12.5 g · Water content: 10% Dry Red chillies are rich in many vitamins and minerals. However, a minimal intake is advised as even a small amount can contribute a lot to overall health. Dried red chillies are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Being a powerful antioxidant, it helps to hasten the healing process and strengthens the immune system. Devoid of any Cholesterol, red chillies contain even more vitamin C than Oranges. Another healthy component found in Dried red chillies is the Vitamin B6 that energizes the metabolism process. Phylloquinone, also called vitamin K1 is rarely found in regular food items. It promotes blood clotting functions and enhances bone and kidney health. In addition to this, dried red chillies contain minerals such as Potassium and copper. Due to the presence of beta carotene, it has the ability to produce Vitamin A once consumed. These chillies have high antioxidant properties which are much higher in proportion than that of a green chilli. Capsaicin is what gives the chillies its spicy flavour. It is known to reduce risks of skin and stomach cancer. It also has Lutein that is said to improve eye-health. The Ferulic acid present in dried red chillies protects the body against various chronic diseases. Chilli has pain relieving functions that can help with unbearable pain of heartburn. However, the effect is not permanent and eventually wears off. It is also linked with weight loss and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

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