Kidney Beans


As we know that Kidney Beans are reddish and brown in color. You can buy from magnet international foods agency online.
Kidney beans first originated in South America, and are now a common staple food for people from several countries, especially in South Asia and Africa. Aptly named, kidney beans are easily identifiable due to their shape, which resembles the human kidney. These beans come in a variety of shapes and colors: · Red kidney bean · Light speckled kidney bean · Red speckled kidney bean · White kidney bean (black eyed peas) Though in most cases, the term “kidney bean” refers to the red kidney bean, which is also known as rajma or common kidney bean. Like most legumes, kidney beans cannot be eaten raw. They must be cooked well before consumption. Nutritional Information (per 100 grams, boiled) · Energy: 127 kcal · Protein: 8.7 g · Fat: 0.50 g · Carbohydrate: 22.8 g o Sugar: 0.3 g o Dietary Fiber: 7.4 g · Water Content: 67% Pros: Taste: Kidney beans are known to have a bland taste that goes well with most curries and spices. As a bean that is used all over the world, there are a large variety of recipes that use kidney beans in different ways. These beans can be used in cuisines from India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Mexico, and many other countries. They can also be eaten boiled, with or without salt. Red kidney beans are also a common ingredient in Louisiana Creole cuisine. These beans can also be made into a bean paste to add flavor and texture to several dishes. Health Benefits: sometimes referred to as the “poor man’s meat”, kidney beans are one of the best vegetarian sources of protein. They are also a significant source of minerals like iron and phosphorus, with good amounts of copper and zinc. Kidney beans are a starchy food, with almost 72% of the calorie content being carbohydrates. However, the starch is the kind that is released slowly. Due to this, kidney beans are often on the list of foods recommended for people with sugar and blood pressure related health conditions.

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