Lentils Beans


This is a large family of pulses and owns many varieties, colors and sizes.

This is a large family of pulses and owns many varieties, colors and sizes. Before cooking the


Lentils do not need soaking and some will keep their shape and some will lose their shape when


they are cooked and this also depends on the recipe. Whole Lentils are used in hot, cold salads.


These are also served with the fish, poultry and meat dishes. These are also used in making of


dhals and savory purees.


Types of Lentils, with whom we work constantly:


Whole Red Lentils


Brown Lentils


Green Lentils


Red Lentils


Whole Red Lentils


Whole Red Lentils are also known as Masoor, Mercimek, Mercimek, Masoor Saabit, Desi Masoor,


Masoor Matki, Adas and Crimson. The Whole Red Lentils have imaginable flavor, soft texture and


½ cm wide. The color of this Lentil is Deep Orange-Red. In shape these Lentil are tiny and lens


shaped pulses and long have been used as a substitute for meat. Lentil are being eaten since


8000 years and were originated in south western Asia along with the Indus River.


Brown Lentils


Brown Lentils are large in size, brown in color and keep their shape during cooking. These


lentils have strong flavor than Green Lentils and have the solid skin. Used in casseroles, rice,


savory and soups.


Green Lentils


Green Lentils are Flat Green Lentils and maintain their shape well during cooking. Their flavor is


mild and has the soft, mealy texture. These are suitable for soups, vegetable bakes, casseroles


and stiffed vegetables.


Red Lentils


Red Lentils are a tiny split and further disintegrate when cooking into thick, dry, yellowish


puree. It is used in soups and spicy Pakistan, Indian dhals.


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