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Creep feeding lambs is a good way of preparing them for when they are no longer weaning. It is a similar process to what is done with human infants, when solid food is introduced gradually along with milk. The process of creep feeding is common among many animals, especially among beef calves. Lamb creep feeding Ideally, lambs should start being given creep pellets between their first and second year. While creep feeding is not required for lambs born in the summer months, winter is a different story. For the summer born lambs, there is plenty of grazing land available, and they often get used to grazing on their own before the weaning process begins. Winter born lambs do not have this luxury, especially if the weather is harsh. They will need extra nutrition to thrive. This is where creep feeding plays an important role. Lambs can be picky eaters, and won’t eat from a dirty or wet pen. It is important that the creep pen is long, clean and always accessible to the lambs. Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the feed pellets. Lamb creep pellets are available in a variety of sizes, though the smaller sizes are always preferable, as they are easier for the lambs to eat without trouble. Types of creep feed include grains like maize and barley, though most farmers opt for professional creep feed pellets designed to optimize the lamb’s growth. Advantages of using lamb creep pellets · Early weaning With the lambs already introduced to feed rations, they are prepared for weaning at a faster rate. Since the animals are already familiar with the lamb creep pellets, it is easier to stop them from consuming milk altogether, than it would be easy to make the change suddenly. · Higher weaning weight Since the lambs are being fed by the ewes as well as the farmers, their weaning weight is likely to be significantly better than what it would be without the feed. A higher weaning weight means that the lamb’s consequent growth will also be good. · Less stress during weaning Lambs who have been creep fed feel less stress during the process of weaning, since they are already familiar with the process of consuming feed rations, to some extent. Now, the only change they will have to deal with is the change of the feed from the creep pellets to the normal feed.

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