Roudybush Daily Maintenance Parrot Food – Medium

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SUITABLE FOR MEDIUM-SIZED ADULT / SENIOR PARROTS (like large Macaw, large Cockatoo, dwarf Macaw, small Cockatoo)

Provide your medium-sized parrot with an incredible feast and wholesome meal like the Roudybush Daily Maintenance Parrot Food with delectable medium-sized pellets.

This sensational steam-pellet diet contains alfalfa (a rich source of vitamin K) and contains NO artificial colours, flavours or animal by-products. It’s just delish, delightful and super-duper healthy.

  • Suitable for MEDIUM-SIZED ADULT / SENIOR PARROTS like large Macaw, large Cockatoo, dwarf Macaw and/or small Cockatoo
  • Great for for pet birds year-round and for off-season breeding birds
  • Made with zero artificial colours, flavour or animal by-products
  • Contains alfalfa (a rich source of naturally occurring vitamin K)
  • Steam-pellet diet to help retain beneficial nutrients while eliminating harmful bacteria
  • No additional vitamins or mineral supplements needed
  • Resealable pack for optimal freshness


  1. Feed as a sole diet.
  2. Do not give additional vitamin or mineral supplements.
  3. However additional healthy treats may be given in moderate amounts if desired.
  4. Make sure your beautiful bird is eating the diet by evaluating those droppings.
  5. Please store in a cool, dry place.
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