Star Anise Seeds


New Product Plant Extract Powder Star Anise Seeds
Named after its star-like shape, the star anise is one of the ingredients in the traditional Chinese five spice cooking powder. Originating from Vietnam and China, star anise is commonly used as a spice in cuisines across Asia. The spice is found in the fruit of the evergreen Illicium verum tree, which is a member of the magnolia family. It is found when the fruit is harvested on the cusp between raw and ripe. Star anise is the classic spice: it is versatile, pleasantly aromatic and not too pungent. Traditionally, star anise has been a spice used for medicine as well as cooking. There are two main types of star anise, and it is important to know the difference: · The Chinese star anise is the spice that is used in cooking and healing. When star anise is mentioned in the context of cooking, it is always the Chinese star anise. · The Japanese star anise, on the other hand, is highly poisonous. The leaves are powdered and used to make incense sticks in Japan. Appearance wise, both these types look almost entirely identical. Thankfully, the Japanese star anise is not authorized to be distributed commercially. Nutritional Information (per pod – 0.2 grams) · Calories: 0.7 g · Fat: 0 g · Protein: 0 g · Carbohydrates: 0 g o Fiber: 0 g o Sugars: 0 g The star anise has no significant nutritional value. Its score on the glycemic index is 0. Benefits Star anise may not have any nutritional value, but medicinally, it is a wonder spice. The majority of the star anise produced in the world is used in the production of a potent antiviral medication used to treat the types of influenza. On a more raw level, star anise can be used to spice soups and teas as a means of treatment for viral infections, cough, loss of appetite, inflammation and menstrual disorders, among other conditions. This spice is also used to spice up teas, though not necessarily for medicinal purposes. Star anise is often combined with cinnamon to add flavor to bland teas. It is also used as a powder in curries, stews and soups.

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