Sugar Icumsa45 and Icumsa 400 600

Sugar Icumsa45 and Icumsa 400 600


/ sugar icumsa

Quick description:


Important Information 2020

Thank you for looking at this page.

It will help you understand what is required when buying sugar from us.

We are an authorised Mandated Supplier representing Sugar Refineries in Brazil, Colombia, India,SA and Thailand.

We offer competitive prices and excellent services direct from our international Refineries and Mills.

To provide our Buyers the best sales experience there are set procedures we need to follow, and important information we need from you our Buyer to offer excellent prices.

1. From you we need an LOI or an ICPO…. All Refineries and Mills need to know who they are dealing with.

An LOI or ICPO must contain the following information:

We need your business name and address, its all very simple.

We need to know what you want…

Volume (how much sugar)?
Going to where?
Packing and loading information.
Sugar from which Country of Origin?
Delivery Schedule?
Target price you seek?

If you can’t or won’t provide the above, then we will not issue any Firm Corporate Offer (FCO) or prices.
We and our Refineries and Mills need to know who we are dealing with.


In Stock

Description :

cane white refined sugar color 45 icumsa max.
Packing in  50 Kgs PP/PE Bag
Packing in 25 Kgs PP/PE Bag  

cane  granulated brown sugar color 1500 icumsa max.  or VHP
Packing in  50 Kgs PP/PE Bag
Packing in 25 Kgs PP/PE Bag  

Minimum order 250 MT or 10 X 20 FCL


White Refined sugar  / Granulated brown sugar
Packing in 1 Kgs LDPE Gusset bag X 20 In master PP bag
Packing in 2 Kgs LDPE Gusset bag X 10 In master PP bag
Packing in 500 G LDPE X 20 In master PP 

Icing  sugar Packing in 25 Kgs
Caster sugar  Packing in 25 Kgs
ROCK sugar  Packing in 25 Kgs
Dark brown sugar  Packing in 25 Kgs

Minimum order 2 X 20 FCL or 50.00 MT

We will beat any price tag competitively

contact us for prices



Sugar Icumsa45 and Icumsa 400 600

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